Manitoba Custom Building Company
Our customers satisfaction is extremely important to FNBS. Our team is here to help make your vision a reality!
First Nation Builders & Supplier is a Building Contracting company in Manitoba and dedicated to providing quality homes built with quality workmanship and materials for First Nations by First Nations.
Concrete driveways, patio’s, walkways, porches, steps, pads, garage floors or basements give us a call for a quick and friendly estimate.
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House Construction
Our homes are confidently built to meet or exceed standards in hopes of increasing housing standards for First Nations.
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Cottage Renos
FNBS strives to provide quality workmanship in a time effective manner.
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First Nation Builders and Supplier is an aboriginally owned and operated company located in Fisher River Manitoba.
First Nation Builders was created to fill the need for quality, affordable houses for First Nations. Dedicated to increasing the housing standards in First Nation communities, houses are built with materials and quality workmanship for First Nations by First Nations.

Quality RTM Homes

Our 8,000 sq-ft heated shop that can handle FOUR 1200 sq-ft homes at a time. 
Due to the close proximity of our homes and being built in a heated shop it eliminates any weather related down time, thus substantially decreasing cost and increasing efficiency and productivity by 75%